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How a Matress Company Used AI to Boost Their Traffic by 100x

Selling goods and services are now more tough than ever. With so many competitors challenging each other with lower prices and higher quality, it truly takes something special to stand out. Thisis why the story of Tomorrow Sleep, a mattress company trying to gain customers, is extremely exciting. Using the a data-driven strategy and implementing some very clever Artificial Intelligence (AI) models, they managed to increase their internet traffic by 100 times, from 4,000 to 400,000 users per month.

Before diving into the story of how AI impacted Tomorrow Sleep, we must first ask what exactly is AI? Artificial intelligence is the process of allowing machines to learn from experience, to adjusts its system accordingly, and perform human-like tasks. It’s like giving a machine a brain and telling it to perform certain a task. The machine will use it’s knowledge, reasoning, problem solving ability which it has learned to complete the task at hand. The reason Artificial Intelligence can be so powerful is because it can handle large sets of data which majority of humans would get lost in. This allows for more precise reasoning, and hence smarter solutions.


Tomorrow Sleep was a company in the mattress industry with a ground-breaking product put to the market. However,when they started creating online content in order to sell their product, they realised that existing competitors had already created a strong foothold in search results. And while they did attract a little bit of traffic (about 4,000 users per month), it was nothing compared to the competition. They wanted to become more popular, so they approached an AI Digital marketing company to help boost their traffic.  


Using an extremely advanced AI Digital marketing model, the team investigated the topic landscape to see what topics were to be considered and how often experts mentioned them when they were written about.

The process starts off by an Natural Language Processing (NLP) model to analyse the customer’s website and find out exactly what type of business the AI has to help out. By reading all the content, the AI model can figure out what products you're selling, what industry you're in, and what is an ideal customer for your business. From there, it creates a cluster of suggested topics ranked by how likely they are to increase web traffic. Not only does the AI give suggested topics, it also gives keywords you should be adding when writing about that topic for a further boost in internet traffic. An AI model is able to do this by analysing the big data on the web and figuring out how that matches to the way a search engine evaluates content. It then finds a middle ground, where you can write topics that are related to your business and the search engine deems them worthy enough to push out.

They drilled down onto the top 20 search results for those primary topics. This provided Tomorrow Sleep with critical insights into creating new content and establishing themselves in the market as experts.


Within a year, Tomorrow Sleep’straffic increased from 4,000 to 400,000 users per month. AI played a huge role in the analysis of the mattress blog market and provided certain topics and words to work with in order to attract more web traffic. This allowed the business’s customer base to grow by a large margin. Here at Codepace, we know the power of digital marketing and implementing AI systems to give unfair advantages and offer these services. This is just one of the many examples.


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