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How AI Remodeled Customer Service

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the greatest tools that could be harnessed by businesses to expand their consumer base. This is because of its potentially limitless applications to nearly every component of a business. Not only has it created new potential businesses on its own, its improved upon existing ones aswell. Customer experience has become a defining factor in nearly all businesses and AI is helping in making the customer service better and more efficient in order to ensure maximum satisfaction.

Speech Analysis

When you diala major corporation’s customer service number, chances are that the agent speaking to you is utilising an AI speech analysis software of some kind in order to give the most appropriate answer to help solve your query as fast and as relevant as possible. Say for example you call Dell and ask them for help in fixing your laptop, the Dell executive will listen to your call and reply as per the most appropriate answer given to them by the software, like a suggestion to purchase a new product, a new warranty or pay for on-site repair, etc.

However, verbal communication isn’t the only implementation of speech analysis, in fact,chatbots are a major user of it. Chatbots analyze the query a customer poses to them, segregate it into appropriate categories and respond accordingly. Say you lose your phone on an airplane and you use the company’s chatbot to ask whereyou can get it back. The chatbot will analyze your query, sort it according to urgency and many other factors and give the necessary response, such as “Your phone can be found at the company’s lost and found at this address, here is the contact number.”

Here at Codepace, we have decided to take this one step further. Working with The Modular Analytics Co, we realized that AI shouldn’t only be used on the customer’s side but as well as the operator talking to the customer. This is why our partners have created an extremely advanced AI coaching platform to help your call centers get better with every single call and eliminate any weaknesses they have all together. We have also created a system which guidesthe operator how to answer different queries, allowing them to focus more onthe experience then what they actually have to say. If that sounds of interest to you, read more about it at ( and contact Codepace.

Data Collection

When AI is allowed to collect data from customers, it can start predicting their future needs, and suggest products and services accordingly. In the past, collecting and analyzing data by humans took time and effort, all of which is now automated and can help grow revenue. When businesses know their demographics and what they’re likely to buy, they produce certain things accordingly, thus minimizing maximizing the efficient use of resources. For example, if Tesco knows that in a certain store and its surrounding radius, cranberry juice sells in much higher volumes than apple juice, it will back order more cranberry juice accordingly, thus ensuring that no excess apple juice is shipped to that store and eventually put to waste if left unsold.

This is why, we also offer to create an intelligent data platform which analyses every single customer based on their history with your company. Using behavioral science alongside AI, our system can tell you what products and services to offer what customers at the right time. This helps increase your sales efficiency without wasting any extra resources.


AI has a massive scope in the field of customer service. More and more companies are integrating it into their departments which means they see potential in it, and its forecasted that by 2025, AI software in this area may reach nearly $50 billion in value. There’s a very clear reason for this trend, a company with happier customers is a company which will succeed.


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