August 2021


Skillsbite is an AI-Driven Resume Analytics Startup. Read about how we used NLP to make their product extremely powerful.


Beta-testing, ready to launch

About Skillsbite

One of our most interesting clients at the forefront of innovation in the HR market, Skillsbite, were developing a whole platform focused on using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to analyse people’s resumes and provide feedback on which areas they were lacking allowing them to continuously iterate, receiving a higher score and increasing their chances of being invited to an interview. These analysis areas included format, content, grammar, and even experience. To develop such a complicated and intricated system, we collaborated with them to build a powerful NLP system with over 100 parameters. This NLP system can find all your spelling mistakes, correct formatting, and even recommend you what extra qualifications you need to get to make your application stronger and increase your chances of getting your dream job. They are currently in beta testing, with some very impressive results.

The Challenge

Our Team was tasked with developing the MVP of Skillsbite’s technology platform. Extensive complexity of the system in terms of analysis accuracy due to its non-binary character required comprehensive understanding of several key aspects in terms of CV’s content and formatting. Each analysis function had to precisely pinpoint relevant keywords and phrases. Additionally, the scoring algorithm had to be scalable and adjustable to control for multiple possible variations of CVs along with their unique structure and content.  

Skillsbite team turned to Codepace as a trustworthy technology partner, who took on the challenge and delivered the product with amazing User Interface. As beta-testers indicated the UX was intuitive and seamless as well.  


Codepace created an entirely new platform, fully functional platform. In particular, 9 screens including login systems, user dashboards, admin administration panel and many more. On top of that, Codepace developed a unique analysis algorithm as well as contributed qualitative work to system’s conceptual framework development. More than 100 analysis functions were implemented as well as the scalable scoring algorithm. By identifying and recommending certain keywords usage users’ CVs are also optimised for Applicant Tracking Systems, giving them an edge in the application process. NLP experts implemented the newest frameworks ensuring the platform’s highest functionality and up-to-date character.

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